Fur and Gold

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Bat for Lashes / 流行 / 2007-06-26


2007 major label re-issue of the debut album (originally released in 2006,) many of the tracks have been reworked on this new edition. Bat For Lashes is the creation of Natasha Khan, a Pakistan-born, Brighton based songwriter. Her concept for Fur And Gold was to make something that started at dusk and finished up in the glorious sunlight. That gives you an idea of what this ethereal, cinematic album sounds like. Natasha's soaring howls, whispers and joyous singing are the main focus here. As beguiling as Bjork, as stunning as Sinead O'Connor and as dramatic as Kate Bush, it is her voice that dominates. The often minimal backdrop of haunting strings, unusual percussive instruments and drum machines provides the perfect accompaniment. Mature gothic sounds for those willing to be whisked off to beautiful faraway lands. EMI. 2007.

Fur and Gold的曲目列表

Horse And I
What's A Girl To Do
Sad Eyes
Bat's Mouth
Seal Jubilee
I Saw A Light

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