In Song: The Essential Mirabai Ceiba


Mirabai Ceiba / 世界音乐 / 2020


The music of Mirabai Ceiba draws the listener into a gossamer web of gently plucked strings, stately piano arpeggios, subtle vocal interplay and poetic lyricism. The sound is easy to love, but hard to categorize. It’s world music. It’s chamber music. It’s folkloric. It’s devotional. But it ultimately transcends any label you try to put on it—except for “beautiful.” In it, we hear the loving heart-play of two gifted musicians and singers—the husband-and-wife team of Markus Sieber and Angelika Baumbach. Together, they’ve created a series of acclaimed, exquisitely-realized studio albums and concert experiences that immerse listeners in a shimmering world of transcendent wonder.

In Song: The Essential Mirabai Ceiba的曲目列表

01 – Ocean of My Dreams
02 – Song of the Stars
03 – A Hundred Blessings
04 – Become My Life
05 – Between the Shores of Our Souls
06 – Ocean
07 – Joy Like Spring
08 – Pleaides (Aap Sahai)
09 – Rain Like Tears

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