Chemtrails Over The Country Club

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Lana Del Rey / 流行 / 2021-03-19


Following the success of her 2019 GRAMMY®-nominated album “Norman Fucking Rockwell”, Lana Del Rey will release her highly anticipated, seventh studio album on March 19th, 2021. Chemtrails Over The Country Club features eleven songs, including singles “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” and the title-track “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club的曲目列表

01 White Dress
02 Chemtrails Over the Country Club
03 Tulsa Jesus Freak
04 Let Me Love You Like a Woman
05 Wild at Heart
06 Dark But Just a Game
07 Not All Who Wander Are Lost
08 Yosemite
09 Breaking Up Slowly
10 Dance Till We Die
11 For Free

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