Total Freedom

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Kathleen Edwards / 民谣 / 2020-08-14


In the late aughts, Kathleen Edwards’ career was on the rise and her four studio albums had received critical acclaim; she garnered Polaris Prize nominations, a SOCAN Songwriting prize win, and several Juno nominations. But amid this success she stepped back from the music industry and started a coffee shop outside of Ottawa called Quitters, a successful small business she ran for over a decade.
Now, she’s releasing album number five, just as a global pandemic has forced her to shut down the coffee shop and furlough the workers who became like family.
'Total Freedom,' self-produced alongside Jim Bryson and Grammy winner Ian Fitchuk, opens a door to her view of life as it is now, with all its wonderful complications.

Total Freedom的曲目列表

2.Hard on Everyone
3.Birds on a Feeder
4.Simple Math
5.Options Open 03:48
6.Feelings Fade
7.Fools Ride
8.Ashes to Ashes
9.Who Rescued Who
10.Take It With You When You Go

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