It Should Be Us

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ANDY STOTT / 电子 / 2019-11-08


Andy Stott’s first release since 2016 and first EP since 2011, ‘It Should Be Us’ is a double EP of slow and raw productions for the club, recorded this year and following on from a series of EP’s that started with ‘Passed Me By’ and ‘We Stay Together’ early this decade.
Recorded fast and loose over the summer, these 9 tracks (8 on the vinyl) harness a pure and bare-boned energy, melodies subsumed by drum machines and synths; slow, rugged abandon. It’s all about rhythmic heat and disorientation, pure dance and DJ specials rendered at an unsteady pace, from percolated house and percussive rituals to moody tripped-out burners.
There’ll be a new Andy Stott album in 2020, but in the meantime... this one’s for dancing.

It Should Be Us的曲目列表

1. Dismantle 04:16
2. It Should Be Us 05:26
3. Collapse 03:38
4. Take 06:06
5. Not This Time 04:41
6. 0L9 06:56
7. Ballroom 04:02
8. Versi 05:26

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