Kingdom Of Rust

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Doves / 摇滚 / 2009-04-06


The critically acclaimed and beloved British trio Doves return with their first album in four years, Kingdom of Rust. Their 4th studio album, and first since Some Cities debuted at #1 on the U.K. album charts in February, 2005, Kingdom delivers the Dove's most sonically adventurous, intimate, and cerebral album to date.

Comprised of brothers Jez and Andy Williams, and Jimi Goodwin, the trio has been recording the album for the past 18 months, having ensconced themselves to a farm house-come-studio in backwaters of Cheshire, England. They teamed up with long time Doves collaborator Dan Austin to co-produce all but 2 tracks of Kingdom Of Rust. For the remaining 2 tracks; "10.03" and "Winter Hill," the group worked with ace producer John Leckie (Stone Roses,Radiohead).

The single "Kingdom of Rust", lands in the broodier atmospherics of Lost Souls, strapped with a Johnny Cash bassline; "Jetstream" is a stomping Doves classic in waiting, fitted with a propulsive krautrock motorik, it inherits the bands dance DNA from their former Sub Sub extraction, with other searing standouts ("Greatest Denier", "Lifeline") rounding out this career defining album.

A limited edition CD/DVD version of the album will be released initially, featuring bonus filming of making of album, live footage, and documentary. There will also be heavy gauge, double gatefold vinyl.

Kingdom Of Rust的曲目列表

1 Jetstream
2 Kingdom of Rust
3 The Outsiders
4 Winter Hill
5 10.03
6 The Greatest Denier
7 Birds Flew Backwards
8 Spellbound
9 Compulsion
10 House of Mirrors
11 Lifelines

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