The Floodlight Collective

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Lotus Plaza / 2009-03-24


Naturally Lotus Plaza is going to draw comparisons to Lockett Pundt’s day job in Deerhunter. In fact listening to The Floodlight Collective is proof that his contributions helped give their last album a delightful shove in the right direction. However this album is so much more than just a Deerhunter offshoot. Without the overhanging presence of Bradford Cox’s distinctive but occasionally overbearing persona, Pundt is able to unfold his songwriting skills on a more level surface. Awash in a foam of reverb and angelic vocal tones, lonesome guitars and the patter of hushed drums poke out as the only solid foothold to grab onto, but most times even they can’t hold strong amongst the shimmering waves of reflected tones. Pundt’s vocal delivery is much softer (if you can believe) than his co-worker Cox and as a result the record achieves a much dreamier quality than any of Pundt’s previous tunes. Pundt delves much further into ennui and longing in contrast Deerhunter’s anxious alienation. The album is warm and inviting while at the same time remaining somewhat beautifully sad. It serves as a pretty superb compliment to the desolate clouds of breath that hang in these winter months, dissipating slowly in the reflection of sunsets on ice.

The Floodlight Collective的曲目列表

1. Red Oak Way
2. Quicksand
3. These Years
4. Different Mirrors
5. Whiteout
6. What Grows?
7. Sunday Night
8. Antoine
9. The Floodlight Collective
10. A Threaded Needle

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