Loom Dream

7.7 128人评价

Leif / 电子 / 2019-06-21


Made up of six tracks but presented as two ~17-minute pieces, the record meanders through warm chordscapes, glistening synths and loose live percussion, weaved together with field recordings and ambience. Loom Dream invites us to peacefully reconnect with the living world by placing us amongst lush sonic verdure.
An interactive site created by Joseph Pleass and Alex McCullough accompanies the release, where users can navigate a virtual world, learning more about the plants referenced throughout the record (the site is best experienced on mobile via chrome) - whiti.es/020/
Artistic direction: Alex McCullough
Design: Alex McCullough and Joseph Pleass
Photography: Dexter Lander
Web development: Joseph Pleass
Video editing: Olivia Pringle

Loom Dream的曲目列表

A1 Yarrow
A2 Borage
A3 Myrtus
B1 Mimosa
B2 Rosa
B3 Pteridium

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