This Land Abounds With Life

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Fabian Almazan / 爵士 / 2019-06-14


With his formidable trio colleagues Linda May Han Oh (acoustic/electric bass) and Henry Cole (drums), and string quartet on just one track, Fabian Almazan unveils music of both extraordinary complexity and transparent beauty. He employs electronics, his own field recordings from Cuba, and other devices to create an epic portrait of nature and folkloric expression, wrought by one of the most advanced jazz sensibilities in the world today.
Almazan, Oh and Cole debuted as a trio in 2011 on Personalities, celebrating with a breakthrough week at the Village Vanguard that was webcast by NPR. That core trio remained integral to the lineup of Almazan’s next project, the hybrid ensemble Rhizome, adding string quartet and Camila Meza on vocals (documented on the albums Rhizome and Alcanza), reflecting the leader’s extensive training in classical composition. With This Land Abounds With Life, Almazan returns his focus to the Personalities trio, a smaller unit that nonetheless also conveys the full scope of his emotional and far-reaching vision.
All tracks:
Fabian Almazan - piano, percussion, electronics
Linda May Han Oh - acoustic and electric bass
Henry Cole - drums
+ (track 8)
Megan Gould & Monica Davis - violin
Karen Waltuch - viola
Eleanor Norton - cello
Trio recorded in Esplanade Studios (New Orleans, LA) December 21-22, 2018
Engineered by Misha Kachkachishvili
String quartet recorded at The Bunker (Brooklyn, NY) January 7, 2019
Engineered by Nolan Thies
Mixed and Mastered by David Darlington

This Land Abounds With Life的曲目列表

1 Benjamin 05:01
2 The Everglades 13:06
3 The Poets 05:50
4 Ella 04:15
5 Songs Of The Forgotten 06:29
6 The Nomads 07:29
7 Jaula 07:06
8 Bola de Nieve 09:18
9 Folklorism 07:39
10 Uncle Tío 07:41
11 Pet Steps Sitters Theme Song 08:28
12 Music On My Mind 02:52

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