Emily Alone

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Florist / 民谣 / 2019-07-26


Since Florist’s 2017 album If Blue Could Be Happiness, Emily Sprague has released two really good ambient albums and ended up with one of her songs in Beyoncé’s Homecoming concert film. Today, Sprague is announcing a new Florist album called Emily Alone and, true to its title, it’s a sparse collection of songs that she wrote alone at her new-ish home base in Los Angeles late last year.
Its lead single, “Shadow Bloom,” is soft and pensive; Sprague’s deft picking wraps itself around small but significant revelations about meeting life’s complexities with simplicity. “I could have the reasons why/ But it wouldn’t make anything right,” she sings. “Do you even want to know the thing you spend your life trying to find?”
In a statement, Sprague says that the song “is a meditation on the mundanity and stillness of life during our greatest moments of growth and transition. It’s an appreciation for what is and not a lingering on what was or what will be. The calm after great pain, peace in the unknown, welcoming the darkness to come in and warmly fill the empty spaces inside of you.”

Emily Alone的曲目列表

01 “As Alone”
02 “Moon Begins”
03 “Celebration”
04 “I Also Have Eyes”
05 “Ocean Arms”
06 “Time Is A Dark Feeling’
07 “M”
08 “Now”
09 “Rain Song”
10 “Still”
11 “Shadow Bloom”
12 “Today I’ll Have You Around”

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