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the tiger lillies / 1999


* Have you ever woken up with a foggy head and no memory of the night before in an elephant pen at a travelling circus with a freakshow sideshow? Do you want to? Well, if you don't have that kind of budget or any knowledge of the nearest travelling circus' exact whereabouts maybe Tiger Lillies can help you. Their company specialises in recreating, for a very reasonable price, the kind of bewildering terror that only brushes with death, abandonment or unexpected child-birth can bring to your twisted, sick heart.
* Ever watched an episode of Twin Peaks and wondered what it might be like to actually be a member of a community dreamed up by David Lynch? Or perhaps you've often fantasized about being an unwitting member of the Theatre of the Grotesque? If this describes you then you might do very well to lend your ear to Tiger Lillies.
* I first heard the song 'Sleep with the fishes' over the summer of 2000, and I decided that I needed to have it, so I bought the album.Having done so, I discovered that it didn't seem to really fit with the rest of the songs in many ways. The album tells of a depressing world of a freak show circus with abuse of all kinds rife. Sleep with the fishes however is more like a tender dream which describes all of our futures.
* The Tiger Lillies seem to have an amazing ability for letting their story telling evolve and unfold over many sittings. I think that I find more and more in the album each time I listen to it and I keep on coming back to it every few weeks, so it has become quite important for me.
* The album is a mixture of weird circus music, music from the "black cat white cat movie", and stage accompaniment music. This wonderful album is a great discovery to everyone who prides him/herself to have a wider than mainstream taste in music.
* While it may take a little while to get used to the TigerLillies style, one quickly finds that the ruptures in the music are entirely intended and reveal some exquisit compositions.Not to forget the lyrics which are dark and witty.
* The TigerLillies's black humour bristles with its tragic and its total comic. Be prepared for enjoyment.

circus songs的曲目列表

1 Souvenirs 4:07
2 Sleep With the Fishes 2:37
3 Freakshow 2:39
4 Danced All Night 5:22
5 Bearded Lady 5:30
6 Cheapest Show 2:20
7 Send in the Clowns 3:45
8 Pretty Lisa 2:09
9 Circus Clown 3:41
10 Over You 4:17
11 Pall Bearers 5:55

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