Anne-Sophie Mutter Plays Mendelssohn [CD & DVD]

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Anne-Sophie Mutter / 2009-02-03


To mark the bicentenary (February 3, 2009) of Mendelssohn's birth, Anne-Sophie Mutter has recorded a very special tribute combining symphonic music and chamber works. This unique homage to Mendelssohn includes a CD & DVD, both of which feature complete performances of the repertory. The DVD also includes "Encounters with Mendelssohn" -a mini-documentary about the composer and Mutter's performances of his works. Mutter is joined by Kurt Masur and the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig (Mendelssohn's orchestra) for the concerto, and by André Previn and Lynn Harrell on the chamber works. This unique program pairs works that are rarely heard together. Performances of the Mendelssohn concerto will support this release. This deluxe, limited edition package will only be produced once--the release will revert to standard jewel packaging when supplies are gone.

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Allegro molto appassionato


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