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Future / 说唱 / 2019-06-07


SAVE ME is Future’s debut EP and his second release of 2019, following January’s The WIZRD. The seven-track project shows a more versatile and vulnerable side of Future than previous works.
Future began teasing the project on May 23, 2019, when he purged his Instagram and posted a clip of “Love Thy Enemies.” This led fans to believe that a new project was incoming.
On June 1, 2019, Future posted a clip of the music video for “Government Official.” He followed this two days later with a clip of “XanaX Damage.”
On June 5, 2019, Future revealed the title, release date, and artwork for the project. He also set the location of the post as “Oh Fuck, I Have Made A Huge Mistake.” Hours later, Apple Music confirmed that it was an EP.

SAVE ME的曲目列表

01.XanaX Damage
02.St. Lucia
03.Please Tell Me
05.Government Official
07.Love Thy Enemies

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