Cause and Effect

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Keane / 摇滚 / 2019-09-20


Written by Keane and produced by David Kosten and the band themselves, Cause and Effect features 11 new songs recorded in London and Sussex.
The birth of this new album came as something of a surprise even to the band. Singer Tom Chaplin had released two successful solo albums but missed his old sparring partner Tim Rice-Oxley. “I found myself wondering how I had come to let this very enigmatic and important relationship in my life drift,” Tom says.
Meanwhile Tim found his life falling apart and from the ashes had written an album’s worth of incredibly personal songs fuelled by humour as well as pain. When Tom, bassist Jesse Quin and drummer Richard Hughes heard the songs, they were immediately drawn to them both sonically and lyrically.
*The deluxe includes two additional bonus tracks and three acoustic versions.
*The super deluxe hardback book version of the album includes a signed lithograph art print, the album on 180” black vinyl with a bonus light blue 10”, two CDs including

Cause and Effect的曲目列表

1. You’re Not Home
2. Love Too Much
3. The Way I Feel
4. Put The Radio On
5. Strange Room
6. Stupid Things
7. Phases
8. I’m Not Leaving
9. Thread
10. Chase The Night Away
11. I Need Your Love

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