'There's Something In The Seeds'

8.6 29人评价

Rebels To The Grain / 说唱 / 11/14/2008


'There's Something In The Seeds'的曲目列表

1. We Takin' This (Produced By: Introbeats)
2. Classic Sensation (Produced By: Cheddy)
3. It's A Setup (Produced By: B-Base)
4. Breakbeats & Rhymes feat. Dellue (Produced By: Sigh The Cyclo)
5. If Only She Knew (Produced By: 12FingerDan)
6. Vinyl (Let The Record Spin) (Produced By: Domi Beats)
7. In Amsterdam (Produced By: Cheddy)
8. Volume (Produced By: DJ Vas)
9. Jackie Thompson (Produced By: Marcus Sebastian)
10. If I Could Save The World feat. Aleah Veronica (Produced By: Flyherro)
11. Let's Take It Back (Produced By: Sigh The Cyclo)
12. Freedom Taken feat. Sonny Black, Kemic, Xaris, Sigh The Cyclo (Produced By: MP)
13. This Goin' Out (Produced By: Wrecka Beatz)

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