Aboa Sleeping

7.4 221人评价

Burning Hearts / 2009-02-10


Finland's Henry Ojala (Cats on Fire) & Jessika Rapo (Le Futur Pompiste) as Burning Hearts might be greeted as a marriage of the best elements of both members' other bands, but this is truly a matter of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Full of subtle detail & a uniformly warm sound, this is a dream of idealized pop: beautifully understated vocals, melodies as reassuring as a lover's embrace & a tone of intimacy that could only come from collaboration that is fully simpatico.

Aboa Sleeping的曲目列表

1. I Lost My Color Vision
2. Iris
3. Various Lives
4. The Galloping Horse
5. We Walked Among the Trees
6. Sea Birds
7. A Peasant’s Dream
8. Close to Her
9. Aboa Sleeping

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