Street Map

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The Innocence Mission / 民谣 / 2008-12-03


'Street Map' is a limited-pressing studio EP from the Innocence Mission. The release is their first since 2000's Christ Is My Hope to be sold directly through their website without the involvement of a record label. The EP contains a number of tracks which will be found on their next studio LP (due Spring 2009), as well as an unknown number of songs which will remain exclusive to this EP and 'A Thousand Miles', which was previously released on the charity compilation 'Evansong' in 2000.

Street Map的曲目列表

1. From a Homeland
2. Sunshine Roof
3. Pioneering
4. We Wake Up in the Earliest Blue of All
5. A Thousand Miles
6. Fair Hill
7. You Draw the Streets of Rome
8. Suitcase Waltz

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