The Usual Suspects

7.8 48人评价

John Ottman / 1995-8-15

The Usual Suspects的曲目列表

Main Theme
Getting on Board
The Story Begins
Payback Time
Farewell Fenster
'He's Here!'
The Garage
Verbal Kint
Keyser Appears
'It Was Beautiful'
The Arrests
New York's Finest
Kobayashi's Domain
The Killing of a Rat
'I Work for Keyser Söze'
The Faces of His Family
The Plan Begins
Back to the Pier
Casing the Boat
A Gift
The Greatest Trick
The Water
Les Sons et Les Parfums Tournent Dans l'Air du Soir - John Ottman, Debussy, Claude

The Usual Suspects的短评(11)

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