Follow the Dove EP

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Castledoor / 2006-07-15


Aritis: Castledoor
Album: Follow The Dove EP
Release Date: 2006.07.15
Label: Castledoor
Styles: Indie / Indie Pop / Indie Rock / Modern Rock / Soul
Castledoor是一支来自于美国的Indie乐队,成立于2004年9月,成员包括:主唱Nate Cole,吉他手Gabriel Combs,贝斯手Quinn Schwartzel,鼓手Joel Plotnik,键盘手Lisa Cole以及合成器Jane Combs,其中主唱Nate Cole和吉他手Gabriel Combs则出自于当年的著名流行乐队 - Plus one。初听他们的歌,会让人感到比较一股Christian Rock的味道,事实上Castledoor并非严格意义上的Christian Rock,但是我们不得不承认的是这支乐队依然受到这方面元素的影响。
It was Saturday morning and I was sitting at home listening to music, in what I like to call the “thinking couch”. It was a windy afternoon, and as usual I had my computer set to random play. For some odd reason the set lease was jumping between The Strokes Room on Fire and The Cure. I'm not sure why this was happening, but I took it for what it was, and wasn't in a rush to change it any time soon. After 30 or so minutes the music cut out and there was a piano break. I though maybe I had accidentally added some of my classical pieces to my play list. Then a voice kicked in that made me do a double take at my computer. It was a song that I last sampled back in September of last year. It was Castledoor, and the song was “Growing us a Garden”.
A rush of excitement hit me. I realized that when I first got my hands on Follow The Dove I didn't put it down for almost a month, and it was part of my nightly mix as well. But after the magic of the album faded, I moved on and archived it in my hard drive. I figured I would give it another spin at a later date. But I didn't think it would be a year before I listened to it again. I hopped to my computer and played Follow The Dove from front to back about 3 times. This time around I really was stopped dead in my tracks about how good the album really was. I felt I had missed out on an amazing piece of music for a year, and began to question why I had originally shelved it.
The EP is a nice little romp through Indie Pop gold, and takes a bit of a short cut through something that can be best described as a track from a Tim Burton movie. “Burn the Maps” reminded me of walking through the park at night. You feel reassured but scared at the same time. “The Birds And The Fleas” is a subtle track that winds through vocal harmonies and almost touches the realm of the Beatles Circa The White Album. It's rare that I run into an EP that I can listen from front to back, but Follow The Dove accomplishes this with great leaps and bounds. Your without a doubt left wanting more after you listen to this album. The only downside being that it's not a full release, and getting your hands on a copy is next to impossible. After checking the bands Myspace, I found out that it is pack in print and available to buy through there Myspace page, and iTunes. - MilehighTy
I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true..... this makes me happy like mimosas on the beach. this makes me feel like wearing bright flowered galoshes and dancing in rain puddles. this makes me feel like slip n slides, like falling in love, like making out. like too much wine and every wish coming true. this makes me feel like having a girls day with my mom. this makes me feel like one day it will be alright. i love sad songs. more than anything. and yet, these are anything but sad. i wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. so, for your pleasure, forgo two lattes this week and put your pennies towards Castledoor. - Wonder
It has been amazing to hear the evolution that Nate and Gabe have made, musically, since their days with Plus One. From pop ballads to quirky, yet thought-provoking songs, the boys are experimenting creatively and with success! I would highly recommend this CD! The beats are catchy and within a few listens, you'll be singing along with Nate's unmistakable voice. My one complaint is that as a Castledoor fan from the beginning, they did not include some of the songs they had originally had on their website. Instead, they included two interludes. I would have liked to have seen "Building Blocks," "This Is Just A Test," or "Angry Drivers" on the track list instead. - Emily
I would highly recommend this CD to everyone, especially those who are into more quirky stuff. It's great. Nice beats. Nice melodies and backgrounds. Really well put together. If there were about 5 more songs, you'd never know it's an EP. It's very well produced. Gabe is awesome on the keys. He's got some really great stuff in the songs. Nate's vocals are clean and crisp. The words are well thought out. The drummer has a nice simple, no-nonsense style which really adds to the music. Great, great stuff. I like the girls on the backgrounds, too. Way to keep it in the family. Makes for a more intimate release. I'm not sure if Castledoor is looking to get signed, but if they are, I doubt they'll have much of a problem with an EP like this out (especially considering Nate and Gabe's background with Plus One). If they do get signed, I hope they keep their style and the label doesn't want to tweak their sound. We need more unique music like this out there. It's not all about distortion guitar, rock drums, bass and cookie cutter melodies people! - David and Julie Martinelli

Follow the Dove EP的曲目列表

1 Once upon an Intro
2 Burn the Maps
3 Growing a Garden
4 The Birds and the Fleas
5 What a day, What a day, What an Interlude
6 Magnetic Forces
7 Dove
8 Remember When

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