Kaleidoscope Machine

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Katie Costello / 2008-11-11


Standing at a mediocre five feet, four inches tall, Katie Costello is a living homage to the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ Despite her diminutive stature, and having accumulated only 17 years of existence, her mighty imagination yields a one-of-a-kind kazoo virtuosity and a unique lyrical approach to her vintage-esque original tunes. Musical inspirations for Katie include Billie Holliday, X, Fiona Apple, New Buffalo, and Bob Dylan.
Often abandoning valuable possessions in a trail of forgetfulness, she is, without exception, conscious and considerate of all pedestrians (bikers, et al), and meandering towns-folk of the like.
When not ‘song-doodling’, as she has been known to call it, Katie can be found sulking in public libraries, skimming through critically acclaimed tween drama-comedy novels, and/or collecting cute rocks with fun personalities from her hometown Hermosa Beach, or some other rock-abundant natural setting.
What some might deem an old-soul, Katie prefers to consider herself a grandma stuck inside a slightly less matronly body. In addition to playing the super slick Los Angeles and New York club scenes, she performs regularly at homes for the elderly in compliance with her inner octogenarian.
Despite her biting sarcasm and unrepentant banter, Katie truly strives to be a sounding voice for the hopelessly warped, while simultaneously promoting the significance and paramount need for genuine creative passion.
Katie's music has been featured on KCRW (89.9 Santa Monica) on 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' and 'New Ground'. Her song, 'Kaleidoscope Machine' was featured on the CW show '90210' and was chosen for the KCRW 'Top Tune of the Day'. 'Kaleidoscope Machine' is now available on iTunes & will be the iTunes 'Indie Featured Artist Spotlight' in January!

Kaleidoscope Machine的曲目列表

1.Anywhere Place
3.Isn't It Lovely
4.Kaleidoscope Machine
5.I Can't Fix Us Two
6.Time Left Room
7.Ever Since The Stork Came
8.Nobody's Perfect
10.Inside Out
11.Shadow Love
12.City Lights
13.Virtual Diploma

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