Platti - Concerti Grossi after Corelli

9.8 36人评价

Akademie Fur Alte Musik Berlin / 2008


This disc's success is really due to the performances from the Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin and their violinist director, Georg Kallweit. They play with a light, crisp attack, with just the right amount of edge, and the overall sound fizzes with stylish exuberance. Sebastian Hess on cello and Xenia Löffler on oboe bring their respective concerti to life, dealing effortlessly with the virtuoso passages and bringing out every nuance of feeling in the slower, more introspective movements. --Charlotte Gardner, BBC Online, 27th January, 2009
Platti turned violin sonatas from Corelli's Op Five into concerti grossi, as a way of expanding the usefulness of music that was already justly famous. And one of the three sonata into concerto transformations included here has been given a cornucopian contemporary upscaling through the addition of wind instruments, with lots of burbling and huffing and puffing for horns and bassoons. Along with the arrangements, this disc includes a Cello Concerto in D that's laden with busy scrubbing and excitement, and a bracing G minor Concerto for Platti's own instrument, the oboe. --MICHAEL DERVAN, Irish Times, 30 January, 2009

Platti - Concerti Grossi after Corelli的曲目列表

Concerto Grosso n.10 F-Dur, after Corelli's Sonatas op.5, Kat.-Nr.544
Concerto con Violoncello obligato (VIII) D-Dur
Concerto Grosso n.4 F-Dur, after Corelli's Sonatas op.5, Kat.-Nr.540
Concerto "Per Oboe" g-moll Kat.-Nr.644
Concerto Grosso n.5 g-moll , after Corelli's Sonatas op.5, Kat.-Nr.541

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