Songs from the forthcoming apocalypse

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Dead Man's Hill / 2008-12-31


After almost 2 years of silence, Dead Man's Hill is now back with a new full length, which goes about the apocalypse, and what will happen thereafter. This is a journey which starts on a darkened earth, which sky is filled with aurora's and fire, and continues it's way trough planets and spaces of no life. The music on this album sounds in the line of Dog Burial, but with more atmospheric elements, more blackmetal influences and haunting vocals. Comes in digipack with 7 page booklet, limited to 500.
Special edition limited to 20.
DigiCD with T-Shirt
pw: dying

Songs from the forthcoming apocalypse的曲目列表

1. Oortwolk
2. Songs from the forthcoming apocalypse
3. Voice of the sky
4. The eternal
5. Visions of volcanic lakes
6. ...And back to what happened in 2012
7. The earth falls,and will not rise again
8. Papa Jupe (will maybe carry our souls)

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