This Is My Private Beach, This Is My Jetsam


Isambard Khroustaliov / 电子 / 2019-04-19

"She spent a fortune on lipstick on me
A pig was impaled beneath the floorboards
The palace retainers turn face-to-the-wall
My daughter Maud fell to the ground in fear
We left his name carved in a corner stone
In the face of death he experienced desire
They threw the switch on the Radnorshire hillside
Serpents slid from the folds in the curtains
A shaman was peddling The Book Of The Dead
Sinking into the vertiginous mire
Through the mist of a pavilion of lies
This is my private beach
This is my Jetsam"
Ted Milton
released April 19, 2019
Written & produced by Sam Britton.
Mixed by Sam Britton & Will Worsley at Coda to Coda, London.
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works, London.
The title “This Is My Private Beach, This Is My Jetsam” is borrowed from a text, by Ted Milton, with kind permission.
Cover artwork is taken from the book 'Elsewhere: A Colouring Book' by Joji Koyama, coloured in by Danuše Szabo and Naomi Britton.
'Psychic Zero' features an experimental synthesis engine created by Patrick Bergel and Sam Britton.
‘Atoll Song’ & ‘Eb-Ub-Ob-Aa’ feature the voice of Kip Britton.

This Is My Private Beach, This Is My Jetsam的曲目列表

1.Psychic Zero 23:39
2.Atoll Song 06:43
3.Eb-Ub-Ob-Aa 17:54


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