Udgitha Of The Dogs


Vito Lucente / 电子 / 2019-04-19


Vito Lucente
“Udgitha Of The Dogs” CS
«Mediating the tension between eclecticism and asceticism, Vito Lucente proposes a private and personal excavation on the theme of enlightenment. Connecting the ends of chaos and intention. Learning that eternal wisdoms lie around the corner for those courageous enough to open their hearts» — courtesy of Zenevloed
Pristine radiance from a glowing warmth, Light of Udgitha the Dog. Precision musculature of the canine poised in conviction, a sterile asylum that is crisp clean white. The architectural draft of higher order cut to a saw tooth point, unbreakable and inexplicit. One In The Many of sacrifice, standing solo in vanquishing evils; the immaculate hound chosen for praise.
Instrument of measure in a clockwork society. This hour's procession ticks to tell, it's half passed your time, ticking away! Stains and tarnish from push-pull weights, which is your tale to sanction a cure? Systems of inward spiral to elevate, Lifting Metric Structure by ones own account? Or the organizations of outward control? “Forgive me Father for I have sinned, its been years since my last confession.”
Mass of hexagonal prismatic cells, Honeycomb Laden with a... more
released April 19, 2019

Udgitha Of The Dogs的曲目列表

1.Udgitha Of The Dogs 14:21
2.One In The Many 09:58
3.Lifting Metric Structure 08:30
4.Honeycomb Laden With Glowing Light Of Honey 05:59
5.The Origin And End Of Everything 07:14

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