Imperial Flood

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Logos / 电子 / 2019-04-12


Five years after releasing the widely feted UK underground classic Cold Mission, Logos returns with his second solo album, Imperial Flood
Written between 2015 and 2018 Imperial Flood is an exploration of dark and altered pastoral material, drawing on the trance-inducing agrarian topography of eastern England interpolated through modern speculative literature including writing by Jeff VanderMeer, Christopher Priest, Lando and JG Ballard, via influences as diverse as the Erosion and Chain Reaction back catalogues, experimental computer music and the late-90s drum and bass minimalism of Photek, Digital and Spirit.
The album includes a new collaboration with long-standing production partner Mumdance and will be released on Different Circles, on vinyl and digital formats on 12 April 2019

Imperial Flood的曲目列表

1. Arrival (T2 Mix)
2. Marsh Lantern
3. Flash Forward (Ambi Mix)
4. Lighthouse Dub
5. Omega Point
6. Zoned In (feat. Mumdance)
7. Occitan Twilight Pyre
8. Stentorian
9. Weather System Over Plaistow

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