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Banco del Mutuo Soccorso / 2019-05-10


"Transiberiana" is the first studio album with entirely brand-new songs from Italian progressive rock legend Banco del Mutuo Soccorso since 1994. Formed back in 1969 under the influence from British greats like Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, ELP and Jethro Tull, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso integrated jazz, folk, classical elements into their sound and created much revered classics like "Darwin!" (1972), "Lo Sono Nato Libero" (1973), which belong to the finest 70's prog albums of all times as well as "Banco" (1983) including the very successful 'Moby Dick'. With "Transiberiana", Banco del Mutuo Soccorso now deliver a highly personal, intricate concept album not only defining the group's artistic future but also reflecting musically and lyrically on their storied career. Led by founding member Vittorio Nocenzi (piano, keyboards and voice), who is joined by Filippo Marcheggiani (guitar), Nicola Di Gia (rhythm guitar), Marco Capozi (bass), Fabio Moresco (drums) and Tony D'Alessio (lead vocal), "Transiberiana" picks up on Banco's 70's classics and expands on them in an astonishing fashion. Available as Limited Edition Mediabook CD with 44 page booklet, Gatefold 2LP+CD & 8-page LP booklet, digital album! The booklets include English and Italian liner notes, photos from the recordings as well as the original Italian lyrics and translations.


1. Stelle sulla terra
2. L'imprevisto
3. La discesa dal treno
4. L'assalto dei lupi
5. Campi di Fragole
6. Lo sciamano
7. Eterna Transiberiana
8. I ruderi del gulag
9. Lasciando alle spalle
10. Il grande bianco
11. Oceano: Strade di sale
12. Metamorfosi (Live at Festival Prog di Veruno 2018)
13. Il ragno (Live at Festival Prog di Veruno 2018)





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