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Market / 1999-2


"What does it mean to win Musician Magazine’s 1997 Best Unsigned Band Competition? Not surprisingly, it means, in 1998, you’re no longer unsigned. And rightfully so, I’m happy to say. New York’s homegrown outfit Market features the ethereal yet sultry vocals of Peggy Jameson backed by keyboardist Adam King, DJ Jimmy Connelly, and sound engineer Phil Painson (whose credits include Sonic Youth and Public Enemy). Together they form pleasant trip-hop-like electronic sounds that are light on beat and heavy on allure due to Jameson’s entrancing vocals. I envision their catchy upbeat music being piped in at prominent fashion shows while runway models strut their stuff -- particularly the single "M6." Unlike many techno bands, however, whose work is confined to studio cuts for only our ears to behold, Market have been performing live in New York’s downtown clubs for three years. Each of the members DJ individually around town, but they perform together as Market every two weeks at Baby Jupiter as well as at many other clubs in New York City. Catch them live if you can and check out their single "M6" which can be purchased at record stores in NYC. The debut CD will be out in January ’99."


1 Not (Necessarily So)
2 Television
3 Kawasaki
4 Island
5 Safe
6 6/8 (Goneaway)
7 Money Train
8 Monster Sound
9 M6
10 Thursday
11 Grand Prix 73
12 Madstore
13 Remain Normal





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