Hollywood EP

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Angus & Julia Stone / 电子 / 2008-11-18


Brother and sister, Angus and Julia STONE make their North American debut with A BOOK LIKE THIS, a collection of thirteen heartfelt and organic songs released on 2007 in Australia.
Together, Angus and Julia Stone form two halves of a musical act whose similarities include a pure and genuine love of music and a talent for telling beautiful and beguiling stories. But their differences are more interesting. Angus sits as an observant outsider, detached but determined to engage with the world around him. “The Beast” takes on the expectations of society and “Silver Coin” places the sound of an unfamiliar city into the crucible of a passing relationship. Live he is the glue, rhythmically and melodically binding, wholesome, heart warming and joyful in song. Julia is the elusive larrikin, the “Tinker Bell” that lifts, shakes and holds, at once embodying delight and pain.
Raised in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, Angus and Julia’s love of music was inextricably intertwined with their experiences of growing up in a musical family. Music was an integral aspect of family life, with music as the bloodline through both their mother and father’s families.
Hollywood EP is the second in a series of three digital only EPs that will be released in the coming months, all leading up to the March 2009 release of the band’s full-length US debut with the canadian label Nettwerk.
The title track is an achingly melodic fairytale gone-wrong. With an engaging vocal, Julia redresses childhood dreams and pricks the Disney bubble with a dose of hard won wisdom. A previously unreleased video, equally as engaging and dreamlike as the track itself, isl accompanying the EP.
The duo is currently supporting Brett Dennen’s US Tour.

Hollywood EP的曲目列表

1. Hollywood
2. Horse and Cart
3. I’m Yours
4. Red Berries
5. Purple Skivvy
6. Fooled Myself

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