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Anjulie / 2009-04-14


Her debut album for Hear Music doesn't arrive until in the spring of 09,
however futurists will get a taste of one of next year. most d azzling
artistic arrivals on Tuesday, November 11th with the release of the
Boom EP?a 3-song digital only EP from creatively fearless
singer/songwriter, Anjulie.
Born to immigrant parents from Guyana and raised in Toronto, Anjulie is
an intriguing, authentic new voice on the pop landscape, with the
melodic gifts, vocal prowess and sophistication that announce her as a
true original.
Obsessed with music as a child, Anjulie has been singing and writing
songs since she was a teen, and the years she spent honing her craft are
readily apparent on this special digital only 3-song EP and her
forthcoming self-titled debut album for Hear Music. Co-written with her
producer and collaborator Jon Levine (of Canadian R&B hit makers the
Philosopher Kings), Anjulie sets intensely personal stories about her
life, loves, obsessions, and heartbreaks to a glittering genre-blending
mix of pop, hip-hop, rock, and world rhythms she heard as a child
growing up.
The slinky opening track, "Boom," works a dark, Nancy Sinatra-esque '60s
vibe, while the sweet pop sophistication of "Love Songs" and "Day Will
Soon Come" exhibit her personal and musical confessions come to life.
Much like her contemporaries Nelly Furtado, Corinne Bailey Rae and Lily
Allen, Anjulie is ready to carve out her own essential place in popular
music with this versatile, confident, eclectic introduction.


01 - Boom
02 - Rain
03 - Some Dumb Whore
04 - Addicted2Me
05 - Crazy That Way (Intro)
06 - Crazy That Way
07 - Fatal Attraction
08 - The Heat
09 - Colombia
10 - Same Damn Thing
11 - Love Songs
12 - Day Will Soon Come






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