Eye Legacy

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Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes / 2009-01-27


Originally set to be released October 28, 2008, the release date was pushed back to November 11, then to January 27, 2009. The album includes a bonus DVD of never before seen footage of Left Eye. The album booklet will also contain fan messages that were collected through the Eye Legacy official MySpace page. A percentage of the proceeds from the album sales will go to the Lisa Lopes Foundation and her orphanage in Honduras. Guest appearances include: 2Pac, Chamillionaire, Bone Crusher, Missy Elliott, Bobby Valentino, Chilli, T-Boz, Wanya Morris, Lil Mama, Reigndrop Lopes, Free, Ryan Toby, and Claudette Ortiz.

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Spread Your Wings featuring Free


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