Suici De Pression

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Thy Light / 2007


Thy Light
Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Depression, Suicide, Hatred, Pain, Negativity
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Brazil (Limeira, São Paulo) 2005 Ruin Productions Active
Current line-up
Paolo Bruno - Everything (Desdominus, Dreamstate (Bra))
Alex Witchfinder - Lyrics

Suici De Pression的曲目列表

1. Suici.De.pression (Introduction to my End) 03:47
2. In My Last Mourning... 11:00
3. A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies 07:00
4. I Am the Bitter Taste of Gall 10:44
5. ...And i Finally Reach my End 13:00

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