Coco [Deluxe Edition]

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Colbie Caillat / 民谣 / 2008-11-11


Colbie Caillat's dusky vocals and laid back rhythms have earned her critical acclaim and 2 million albums sales since the release of her debut album COCO last July. The story of Caillat's myspace rise is well known by now; the power of the site and her legion of fans (Over 25 million!) netted her a record deal, huge sales, a Top 5 album debut and three hit singles (so far) with the ubiquitous "Bubbly", the follow-up "Realize" and the current single "The Little Things". "Bubbly" and "Realize" were both Top 5 hits at Top 40 and Hot AC and "Little Things" is currently Top 20 at Hot AC and climbing quickly. This deluxe edition includes 7 additional tracks. Featuring new, live, alternate mixes and even a few cover versions (Tell Him - Lauryn Hill, Turn Down Your Lights - Bob Marley and Brand New Me - Dusty Springfield). The Deluxe Edition will be packaged in an 8 panel digipak that will also include an 8 page color booklet. The booklet is filled with personal photos, taken over the past year, of Colbie, her friends, family and band.

Coco [Deluxe Edition]的曲目列表

1 Oxygen 3:51
2 The Little Things 3:46
3 One Fine Wire 3:37
4 Bubbly 3:17
5 Feelings Show 3:10
6 Midnight Bottle 3:41
7 Realize 4:05
8 Battle 4:03
9 Tailor Made 4:30
10 Magic 3:25
11 Tied Down 3:07
12 Capri 3:04
13 Tell Him (Live) 4:51
14 Brand New Me 3:19
15 Somethin' Special (Beijing Olympic Mix) 3:04
16 Cicles 3:54
17 Hoy Me Voy 3:22
18 Turn You Lights Down Low (Live) 5:56
19 Magic (Piano Version) 3:18
20 Bubbly (Acoustic) 3:34

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