Good in the Face of a Stranger

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Alex Lloyd / 2008-11-04


2008 album from one of Australia's most respected artists. Written, recorded and produced in London by Alex, where he has been based for the past two years, there is purity and an honesty in his new songs that is reminiscent of his debut release Black the Sun. The pressure from fans and indeed detractors alike is off and now there is only the music. 12 tracks. Table.

Good in the Face of a Stranger的曲目列表

01. Intro 0:12
02. Special 3:49
03. Slow Train 4:22
04. Something For Nothing 3:52
05. Lonely Town 4:17
06. Last Drinks 1:07
07. Face Of A Stranger 4:02
08. Drugs And Love 3:25
09. Hollywood 4:15
10. Same Day 4:08
11. What We Started 3:41
12. Last Bell 5:29

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