When Your Blackening Shows

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Our Broken Garden / 2008-09-09


The album is anchored in much the same theme as Lost Sailor, its nautical symbology and slow, lilting rythmn giving a lingering impression of floating on the very calmest of waters, buoyed by alluring siren-like vocals. Though Broensted can claim the credit for these, and indeed for the composition of each track, the album's mesmeric tendencies owe equally to the minimal yet eloquent orchestration of bandmates S?ren Bigum and Moogie Johnson. Like a half-remembered dream, delicate melodies drift by in a haze of strings, chimes and electronic effects courtesy of a Hammond organ, the sparse soundscape conveying an overwhelming sense of the isolation it was conceived in. The effect is by turns poignant and profoundly unsettling - especially in the standout title track, which, as its name might suggest, is the darkest of this melancholic collection. The music is a timeless combination of retrospective elements in the modern sound picture. Grandiose as only Sigur Ros / Pink Floyd would allow, and intimate like Teitur / Bonnie Prince Billy / Karen Dalton / Monica Zetterlund on an autumn day.

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