Constant Slapstick and Traveling

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No One Wished To Settle Here / 2008


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In this new modern day epic, Michal is retelling his tale of two cities. Or even more so, he is telling his tale of two worlds. This album has been made on the crossroads between Poland and the U.S. and it tells you a story of excitement and melancholy. A remarkable piece of music which seems caught between two worlds, lost in moments, entering a new world, but always recalling sombre Eastern European roots.
no one wished to settle here brings you an ambient kind of postrock. Dreamlike and full of emotion, yet powerful and utterly stubborn from time to time.
Limited to 100 copies.

Constant Slapstick and Traveling的曲目列表

01. WTF? It Should Have Gone Different Anyways (Pt.1)
02. WTF? It Should Have Gone Different Anyways (Pt.2)
03. So Long Urban Ascents! (Pt.1)
04. So Long Urban Ascents! (Pt.2)
05. Everything May Vanish Like In Beichuan
06. A Night In The Fields

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