Bernd Alois Zimmerman: Canto Di Speranza

7.8 13人评价

Thomas Zehetmair / Thomas Demenga / Andreas Schmidt / 2009-03-31


Contemporary music of great emotional intensity: Zimmermann, best known for his maximalist opera "Die Soldaten" (1958/64), is the great maverick of post-war German modernism (1918-1970). Masterworks from both Zimmermann's early and late creative period documenting his uncompromisingly modern yet unorthodox musical language. Indispensable listening for everybody interested in 20th century music: a portrait of one of the most thought-provoking and ethically committed musical figures of his generation. Thomas Zehetmair, Thomas Demenga and Heinz Holliger are three key figures from ECM's contemporary music roster and they collaborate with an orchestra whose affinity with Zimmermann's music is unrivalled. CD-package includes 28-page illustrated booklet with an essay by Michael Struck-Schloen in English and German

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Violin Concerto


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