Chasing Lights

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The Saturdays / 2008-10-27


UK pressing includes one bonus track, 'Up' (Wideboys Remix Edit). 2008 debut album by this UK all-girl Pop/Soul quintet, who are about to throw themselves headfirst into your consciousness like a five-woman whirlwind, and bring back some much-needed, shameless fun to the charts. As well as being sassy, talented and purveyors of some of the most instantly likeable songs you'll have heard for eons, these girls just wanna have fun. They don't take themselves too seriously, their tracks are genuinely brilliant and adults are going to love them just as much as kids. What's not to like? They're pure pop, and proud of it. 12 tracks including the singles 'Up' and 'If This Is Love'. Polydor.

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If This Is Love


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