Total Reconstruction

9.0 23人评价

V:28 / 2008-10-27


Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI190
Format: CD
Country: Sweden
Released: 20 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music, Rock
Style: Industrial, Death Metal, Black Metal, Noise, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental

Total Reconstruction的曲目列表

01 Desert Generator Hell Remix - Nordvargr*
02 Pattern Of The Weak Remix - Beyond Sensory Experience
03 Infected By Life (Rmx 33 Rpm LP-version)Remix - Megaptera
04 Absolute Nothing (Manes Redux)Remix - Manes
05 To Be Detuned Remix - Des Esseintes
06 Surrender To Oblivion (Dark Resonance Mix) Remix - Lrz
07 When Entropy Is Thwarted Remix - Thrawn Hellspawn
08 Solid Structure: Undone Remix - E.P.A. , Shinjuku Thief
09 Dead Men's Chior (Remix) Remix - Desiderii Marginis
10 Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing Remixed) Remix - Origami Galaktika

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