Prospekt's March

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Coldplay / 2008-11-24


UK CD pressing. A special EP/Mini Album only available for a limited time, featuring new artwork with a special EP Booklet. 8 tracks of new material including 5 brand new songs, a special guest appearance from Jay Z on the new version of Lost+, plus a vocal version of the now-classic Life in Technicolor ii and alternative mix of Lovers in Japan. Tracks, Life In Technicolor II, Postcards From Far Away, Glass Of Water, Rainy Day, Prospekt's March/Poppyfields, Lost+, Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix), Now My Feet and Won't Touch The Ground. EMI. 2008.

Prospekt's March的曲目列表

1."Life in Technicolor II"
2."Postcards from Far Away"
3."Glass of Water"
4."Rainy Day"
5."Prospekt's March/Poppyfields"
1."Prospekt's March"
6."Lost+" (featuring Jay-Z)
7."Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)"
8."Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground"

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