Ghosts Of Niagara

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Burning Star Core / Prurient / 2008-05


Limited to 100 copies. Packaged in box with booklet & insert.

Ghosts Of Niagara的曲目列表

A Nightmare On Polished Wood (4:58)
B Wheel Of Fortune (4:46)
C Syrup Slave (4:56)
D Chains Of Wisconsin (4:45)
E Border Control (5:05)
F Confiscation (4:55)
G Shame Of Niagara (4:58)
H Hydrophiliac (4:48)
I Thunder Of Waters (4:55)
J Preservation (4:57)
K Dynamite As An Answer (5:02)
L Commercial Interests (4:42)
M The Yankee Leaper And The Mist (5:05)
N Bleeding, But Virtually Unharmed (4:46)
O Tightrope Voyeurs (5:05)
P Super Natural Nature (4:44)
Q Gambling Addiction (4:47)
R Spirella Corset Factory (4:42)
S Quiet At The Bottom (4:34)
T Wind Will Carry Us (4:46)

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