Black Ice

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AC/DC / 2008-10-28


Black Ice is the first full-length studio album of all-new material from AC/DC since the release of "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000. Produced by Brendan O'Brien at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, Black Ice premieres 15 new AC/DC compositions and performances including the album's first single, "Rock 'N' Roll Train".

Black Ice的曲目列表

01. Rock 'N Roll Train
02. Skies On Fire
03. Big Jack
04. Anything Goes
05. War Machine
06. Smash N Grab
07. Spoilin' For A Fight
08. Wheels
09. Decibel
10. Stormy May Day
11. She Likes Rock N Roll
12. Money Made
13. Rock N Roll Dream
14. Rocking All The Way
15. Black Ice

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