In Dream & Other Stories

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Grantura / 2008-09-30


2008 release, the already critically-acclaimed debut album from the Americana/Alt-Country sextet from London. What the critics are saying: ''This comes as close to the sound of the Californian Cosmic Cowboys as any group has the right to get. There are echoes of The Byrds, the Dillards, the Clarks and the Burritos , but the best thing of all is that the whole thing manages to smell as much of real ale and cider as it does of whisky sours'' - Independent On Sunday. Ruffa Lane.

In Dream & Other Stories的曲目列表

01. Waves
02. In Dreams
03. Sunshine
04. Lazarus
05. House Of Cards
06. Forever September
07. Holly
08. Down From The Mountain
09. Land Of The Big Skies
10. Hymn For A Drunk

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