Kitsuné Maison, Vol. 6

8.0 41人评价

Various Artists / 2009-03-24


2008 compilation, the sixth installment in this series of collections, still homemade and gold wrapped. There's more to get excited about on Kitsun‚'s sieve, lots of new treasures to find in the river. Quite a lot of as yet unchartered avenues and hot new acts that will probably get raved about in no time. There's not just one Kitsun‚ sound but plenty. Extreme twisted sonorities that will make you jump up and down uncontrollably, enough to electrocute a dancefloor or two. Kitsun‚ keeps on working for you, manically preparing ground, broadening its musical network without frontiers and outside churches. On board this time there are young girls, sea dogs, Californian twins, young wolves and loonies. A wonderful mess, a spontaneous shamble that screams out loud. 19 tracks including cuts from La Roux, Ted & Francis, You Love Her Coz She's Dead, Digitalism and many others. Kitsune.

Kitsuné Maison, Vol. 6的曲目列表

Want U - Lo-Fi-Fnk


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