Graveyard of Ships

7.6 50人评价

City of a Hundred Spires / 摇滚 / 2008


Built in 2003, City of a Hundred Spires has become as notorious around the Ottawa and Montreal music scenes for the sheer volume of their live sets as for the fragility of the melodies they compose. As swaths of reverb and delay augmented guitars and keys swirl around a muscular rhythm section, noisy cityscapes are constructed and laid to waste, leaving but the barest of melodic themes still standing. Fresh off a tour of eastern Canada (Maritimes included) and with the recent release of their 4-song EP Boats Left Sinking, COAHS is preparing for the summer release of their anticipated first full-length LP Graveyard of Ships. Ambitious, meditative and cathartic, City of a Hundred Spires demands attention.

Graveyard of Ships的曲目列表

01 - Caspian
02 - Artemise
03 - Ladydive
04 - Innisfallen
05 - Laconia
06 - Pequod
07 - Lusitania
08 - Oneida
09 - Yamato
10 - Solaris
11 - Empress

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