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Ingrid Michaelson / 流行 / 2008-10-14


Independent artist Ingrid Michaelson's 2008 release Be Ok, a benefit album that will include previously unreleased songs, demos, covers and live recordings in addition to the title track (produced by Stacy Jones and Bill Lefler - Ronnie Day, Meg & Dia, Plain White T's). A portion of the proceeds will go to Stand Up To Cancer, an organization created to urgently move cancer research forward with the help of the public. She embarks on a national headlining "Be Ok" tour in late October 2008 and she designed a "Be Ok" necklace to be sold at all tour stops and online, donating all proceeds to SU2C. Her new song "Be Ok" and its video are part of the SU2C campaign.

Be OK的曲目列表

1. Be OK
2. Giving Up
3. Over the Rainbow
4. Chain [Live from Webster Hall]
5. Lady in Spain
6. Keep Breathing
7. Oh What a Day
8. Way I Am [Recorded Live on Wers]
9. Can't Help Falling in Love [Recorded Live at Daytrotter]
10. You and I
11. Be OK [Acoustic]

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