Lucky Luciano


Piero Piccioni / 1973


Of Piccioni's 1970s material, this is one of our favourite albums. It mixes his trademark loungey jazz style with an updated, tight 70s jazz-funk backbone. There are two outstanding tunes on here, the lovely downtempo mellow funker 'Conjectures' and the jazz-funk groover 'Magic Of New York'. Either way, it's a strong album and well worth finding.

Lucky Luciano的曲目列表

1. Underground Sketches
2. Magic of New York
3. In point of love
4. Conjectures
5. Red Shift
6. Moonlight Serenade
7. Love comes round again
8. Sad tales
9. Red Shift N.2
10. Love Again
11. Burning Point

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