I'm in a Polaroid, Where Are You?

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Callmekat / 流行 / 2008-06-02


“The scandinavian melancholy runs through the woods like a trickling stream clear as springtime, and resembles a french black and white movie from the 1960’s. The material from Copenhagen-based artist Katrine Ottosen, is organic, highly aesthetic and somehow universal. As a female vocalist Ottosen strongly puts herself apart from the danish crowd, singing with a natural timber, not to mention a delicate feeling for restraining her own sensuality with a subtlety that makes the almost naked songs transparent.
Besides her support for the Nouvelle Vague Tour in spring 2007 and numerous shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as three featured albums on The Perfect Kiss Records with Marc Collins. She has now worked out her solo debut, mixed by Valgeir Sigurdsson under her new alter-ego CallmeKat.
Her debut EP “I’m In A Polaroid, Where Are You?” has been released in june on Playground Music. Katrine’s full-length album “Fall Down” will be released on Playground Music November 10th 2008.
Katrine has also contributed a cover of “Love Cats” on the Cure tribute album “Perfect As Cats”, that is going to released in fall 2008 in the U.S. on Manimal Records.”

I'm in a Polaroid, Where Are You?的曲目列表

01 - Bug In A Web
02 - Flower In The Night
03 - Town Hall (Interlude) - Interlude
04 - Sweet You
05 - Sad Bird (Interlude) - Interlude
06 - Not Awake
07 - Overwhelmed (Interlude) - Interlude
08 - Overwhelmed

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