Temporary Antennae

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Caina / 2008-09-30


Not often in today's underground does a young talent forge a distinct and expansive musical entity. Twenty-two-year-old Andrew Curtis Brignell, one of the UK's most promising young musicians, did just that when he created the raw and primitive black metal enigma known as Caina. Despite remaining a one-man act, Brignell fulfills the promise of sonic expansion hinted at since the beginning, and his development as a multi-instrumentalist is something to behold. In 2006, after several demo tapes, Caina released their debut, Some People Fall, which found Brignell trying to progress beyond the black metal paradigm while still maintaining its essence. A year later, Caina delivered Mourner, its first collaboration with Profound Lore, and Brignell truly took the Caina sound to a new plateau. With elements ranging from black metal, drone/experimental, and post rock, to song-oriented acoustic folk and shoegaze, Mourner was hailed as a modern-day black metal masterwork, landing at the #20 spot on Decibel Magazine's top album list of 2007.

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Intro: Manuscript Found in Unmarked Grave, 1919


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