Just Say Yes

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Punchline / 摇滚 / 2008-09-16


Just Say Yes is the answer to Punchline's downtime between leaving Fueled By Ramen and emerging back into the spotlight on their own terms in 2008. They've spent the past decade touring around the world and spreading their heartfelt energetic music wherever people are willing to listen. "Just Say Yes", features 12 passionate tunes sure to win over even the harshest critics.

Just Say Yes的曲目列表

01. Ghostie
02. The Hit
03. Punish or Privilege
04. Maybe I'm Wrong
05. Somewhere In The Dark
06. Just Say Yes
07. How Does This Happen?
08. Get Off My Train!
09. Developing You, Camera
10. My White Collared Shirt
11. The Other Piano Man
12. Castaway

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