Friday of Our Lives

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AudioTransparent / 2008-07-29


audiotransparent blends indie songs with post-rock atmospheres in a slow-paced fashion. although the songs are melancholy in tone, there is always an apparent light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. in 2003, the band was able to present their debut in front of a large audience, when the tindersticks asked them to provide the support-act for their dutch shows. the debut, and their shows were well-received, resulting in an invitation to (holland's number-one indie-event) noorderslag 2004. audiotransparent's reputation grew rapidly, allowing them to play alongside renowned international acts including iron&wine and under byen. the band received significant airplay on dutch national radio, as well as on the bbc, where audiotransparent received a warm reception from john peel and bbc6. especially admirers of the likes of low, sigur rós, and sparklehorse seemed to appreciate the atmospheric songs of their self-titled debut.

Friday of Our Lives的曲目列表

1. The Friday of Our Lives
2. Fire Engine Red
3. Wonderlines
4. Hands And Fields


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